Greenridge Horse Ranch
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We request reservations to assure you that we are ready to take you out without a frustrating wait.  Just a phone call as soon as you know when you would like to ride will put you on the book.  Once you have made a reservation, if you decide not to come, PLEASE be kind enough to call and cancel ahead of time, so that your space can be given to somebody else. We generally can accommodate up to 12 riders.  Most times we can schedule your group on your own time slot, but occassionally you will be ridng with others.  The rides are catered to your groups skill level...those who are comfortable in the saddle will enjoy a more advanced trail than the beginners.  All rides begin with instruction in the riding ring...if you require a more advanced lesson, there is an additional charge of $5...most beginners do just fine with the usual instructions you are given.
Wear long pants and closed toe shoes without heavy tread, tennis shoes are ok
Our weather is generally 10 degrees cooler than Balt or DC
Bug repellant and sun screen are recommended in summer
Bottled drinks (plastic only) can be carried in saddle bags
If you forget the camera, we sell one time use cameras
We have a weight limit of around 250 pounds, depending on your height and frame.  Overweight folks have a difficult time with balance and the horses have a hard time carrying more than that. Men often can be tall and weigh more without being overweight (so can tall women, for that matter) 
The age limit is 6 years old, but we do have buddy saddles for the younger kids
All riders must pass the test in the ring prior to going out on the trails for their safety...just the basic skills are's easy
Our friendly trail guides are dedicated to leading you on a safe, but relaxed, FUN ride. Their work begins much before your arrival, getting the horses tacked up, fed, and ready for you.  They work independantly, depending on you for their wages, in the form of GRATUITY...PLEASE BE GENEROUS..IF YOU ENJOY YOUR RIDE, THEN BY ALL MEANS, TIP THE GUIDE. Many places charge up to $50 an hour for trail rides...we keep the price of the ride less so that you can pay your guide.


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