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Greenridge Horse Ranch
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Money mouth    We are in a financial crisis this month of March 2013  
  We are asking for your support to fund the feeding of our horses and rescued critters. Depending on your response...if we receive any donations...we will decide whether we can remain in operation this year.  You can help by purchasing prepaid rides at a 5% discount, simply donate with the Paypal button below, or purchase a unique pocket calendar and notepad for $5 donation.  This is pictured below.

 I also make handpainted "Original Pig Print" greeting cards to be purchased individually for $2.50 or a box of 12 for $25
I am in the process of posting samples of these on this page.
Whatever you can do to help us buy feed, we pray that you decide to do SOMETHING, we appreciate it from the hearts and souls of all our dependent animals. Thank you 


If you choose to send a donation by Paypal, please click this donation button

Lulu th Emu
If you would like to bring your pets along, please keep in mind that we have dogs, cats, chickens etc that roam loose and may be a problem for your visiting pet.
We accept no responsibility for the safety of your pets, but expect you to be responsible for the safety of ours.  We know you understand.

Be sure to look at all the interesting animals around the barnyard.

There are several buildings designated to house different types of animals, like the Reptile and Bird Trailer or the Bunny Yard






When visiting with our critters, please do not chase them or feed them anything without permission. Keep fingers out of cages and close all gates behind you.
We gratefully accept donations of money or feed to help keep our rescue operation running. 

You can now contribute to the feed fund by clicking this Pay Pal Button  
All our guys get along
Rescued oppossum
Cleo on the loose
Greenridge Horse Ranch 814-784-5223